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Bill is a man of his word. Bill promised me that he would work with me every step of the way and take my case to the mat. He delivered. I have referred family members to Bill because I know that he will treat them well and take care of their problems.

- Damian G.

Bill is the best. I was referred to Bill by a top-flight civil litigator. I have worked with a lot of lawyers before, but none match Bill's skill, enthusiasm, accessibility, and ability to get results. We came to Bill with a major problem and Bill deftly resolved it, keeping my associate out of jail. It was apparent to me that he was respected by the Judge we appeared before and the police that we dealt with. He was there every time we needed him, day and night, to counsel us. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch attorney.

- Jamila S.

Bill is a go-to litigator, counselor, and advocate with the courtroom skills, professional experience, and superlative judgment to serve as anyone's best defense in the most challenging circumstances. If someone is looking for the best result in those challenging circumstances, Bill provides the greatest opportunity for success and a positive outcome.

- Adam A.

Few attorneys possess Bill's tenacity, sense of fairness, passion for his profession, and expertise in the field. Always available, responsive, and attentive. I highly recommend Bill. A true "star" in the industry.

- Scott R.

So I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight out of Philadelphia. I had to change my original flight because I was sure I would spend the next three days in Montgomery County for a bench warrant. I flew into Philly knowing that I was going to jail. Do you know how difficult it was to buy that ticket?

I had hired Bill to represent me years ago in 2010 for a DUI. I live out of state and never made it back to PA. Well 8 years later I call him up and he is still willing to work with me. That’s incredible in my book. He could’ve told me to take a hike.

Furthermore, he worked his magic in court and I never went to jail. I didn’t even get handcuffed. The whole process was relatively easy.

Bill is my man anytime I get into trouble in Philly. Hell, anytime I get in trouble on the east coast. He will be my first phone call.

- David W.


There is nothing scarier in life than getting arrested. The sick feeling you have knowing that you messed up and feeling powerless to stop the process is nothing to laugh about.

I found hope in my time of darkness. I remember the first day I met Bill. It was during the holidays and he took time out of his schedule to see me in his office. He calmed me down and helped diminish my fears. He explained the process in a straight forward way and answered all my questions. His work ethic was evident as my case moved through the system. Through his hard work and refusal to give up, he was able to achieve a great result for me. His professionalism and his passion for his craft are second to none. I highly recommend Bill.

- Anonymous


I'm so thankful that I found Bill!! He was a great lawyer to have by my side during a difficult time in my life. He took the time to listen, and let me vent, and reassured me that everything would work out with the case I was involved in. I'm such a worrier and I need constant reassurance, but Bill never made me feel like I was bothering or burdening him. He makes you feel like he is your personal friend who you've known forever and who you can tell anything to without judgment. Another great thing about Bill was how proactive he was in reaching out to me and explaining everything so I wouldn't worry in the meantime. With some lawyers, you have to 'chase them down' in order to speak to them, and they rush you off the phone. This was never the case with Bill! It was advantageous that Bill had previously worked as a prosecutor in the D.A.'s office, because he was very knowledgeable about how cases typically played out, and he also had a good rapport with everyone at the courthouse. I'd recommend him to anyone!

- Anonymous

Bill is AMAZING, I was literally on the edge of losing my career. Having a DUI is no joke when you have a CDL and a mechanic degree. This man took my burden and carried all the way through. I never lost my license nor my job. To this day I still drive and repair semis. The way he works the system is an art. I have no DUI on my record because of this man. His number is saved in my phone for life. Bill loves his job and I love Bill for his dedication. THANK YOU BILL

- Corey E.

One of the best lawyers around was very helpful and informative and also attentive to my case I would definitely recommend this attorney works fast, responded quickly to my calls

- Miguel P.

My life is back in order thanks to Bill. I can't THANK YOU Bill enough for representing me and having patience. I had an unusual case but GOD answered my prayers and connected me to Bill and he really helped me. I will always appreciate Bill being there for me in the roughest time of my life.

- Latoya S.

Bill is an excellent defense attorney who is not afraid to fight for his client's rights.

- Anonymous

I owe Mr. Denardo my freedom because if it wasn't for him, I'd be rotting away in jail.

- Anonymous

The best criminal defense attorney on the mainline, hands down!

- Anonymous


I was referred to William through a colleague, he took my case without hesitation. Throughout the entire process, he was extremely professional and compassionate. He walked with me throughout the entire court process. If I needed to contact him he was there. William is well rounded with what he does and has an amazing support team at his law firm! I would certainly use them again and recommend him! Thank you

- Anonymous

If you are looking for the right attorney to represent you, look no further! I was in the biggest bind of my life and needed an attorney, fast. Bill got me into his office within an hour of reaching out. Little did I know that Google was going to provide me with someone who I can now say helped saved my life! The severity of my case is unimaginable to most, but Bill was the only one who was able to shed any light on solving it without life behind bars. Then to make matters worse and Bill’s job harder, I got myself into even more of a jam. Hiring Bill for now my second case, I couldn’t have been more blessed! From what should have been federal, if not state prison, I am serving minimal time in a county facility then followed by house arrest. Bill, there are not enough words to express the gratitude that I have for what you have done for me. You not only are exceptional at your job, but you are also able to recommend the right resources for matters that you do not handle. You were always there for me even 10 pm at night. I was so nervous not knowing if I had picked the right person for the job, but after several other attorneys AND judges told me I was in good hands, I calmed down and realized, they could not have been more right!! Bill, you will always be the name out of my mouth when someone is looking for an attorney!! Thank You!

- Anonymous

Mr.Denardo has Represented me on numerous cases, I’ve always put my trust in him and he’s never let me down. He goes above and beyond to help his clients. I highly recommend him! 10/10, the best attorney I’ve had. Very professional and gets the best results

- Tyler A.

Absolutely worth every penny. Very accessible, easy to work with, and the bottom line he gets the job done. 100% the guy I will be referring anyone to if they ask if I know someone. Very happy with the whole service.

- Tom L.

Mr. DeNardo is a great person and a stellar lawyer. He is truly a master of his trade, is very approachable, and easy to contact. If needed I would certainly seek his counsel again.

- Christopher P.

Excellent at his craft. Down to earth, very easy to talk to as well as understanding and nonjudgmental. My boyfriend and I have hired Bill to handle a few things, all with favorable outcomes. Absolutely awesome!!!

- Lisa C.

Bill is one of the nicest people I have met and also an experienced attorney. Bill will help you through any situation while putting your mind at ease. He knows both sides of the law extremely well and is definitely the right choice. Bill truly puts his clients first.

- Andy J.

Very straight forward and professional. He helped me get out of a very serious situation and I’d definitely use him again if ever needed.

- Aiden W.

I spoke with Bill about questions I had on a legal matter. He was extremely knowledgeable about the law and offered me sound advice. I would definitely use him again.

- Doyt J.

Bill went above and beyond for me. Great attorney, couldn't have asked for better results.

- Ron A.