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Family Law Attorney in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Divorce Attorney in Pennsylvania

The decision to change your marital status is life-altering. For some, the decision is an easy one. For many others, it is difficult and painful. Either way, it is a tremendous change and you want to make sure you are protected and adequately prepared to enter into this new chapter of your life.

At William DeNardo Attorney at Law, we are here to help you identify what is important to you. These topics may include the welfare of your children, the division of your property, or what you may be required to pay or receive in alimony. It is our goal to help you resolve these issues in a respectful and equitable way with the hope of avoiding contentious litigation. In the event that litigation is unavoidable, William DeNardo Attorney at Law is ready to fight for you to obtain a just result. William DeNardo is a seasoned, nationally recognized trial attorney with over 20 years of experience. The advocacy skills that he employs in criminal courts across Southeastern Pennsylvania are the same skills he uses with hearing officers, custody conciliators, equitable distribution masters, and trial judges in the family court arena.

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Compassionate Legal Help

Custody Attorney in Pennsylvania

Your life will not be the only one impacted by separation and divorce. Your children's lives will inevitably change as a result of the change in family structure and dynamics. William DeNardo Attorney at Law will work with you to protect your children's physical and emotional well being by helping you craft a common-sense custody arrangement.

In addition to crafting and negotiation custody agreements, William DeNardo Attorney at Law can also work with you to modify pre-existing custody agreements that are no longer viable. Additionally, we can enforce custody agreements that are being violated by the filing of contempt petitions and arguing those petitions in court.

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Support and Alimony Attorney in Pennsylvania

An inescapable consequence of separation and divorce is the impact on your finances. The anxiety that surrounds this impact is daunting and can become paralyzing. At William DeNardo Attorney at Law, we will help you understand that impact and work to create a financial road map that will ensure your financial well-being as you move on to this next chapter of life.

William DeNardo Attorney at Law has a network of accountants, financial advisors, mortgage lenders, real estate appraisers, and agents. We can work in concert with those professionals to assist you in planning for the financial impact of divorce and separation as well as helping you obtain financial security.

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