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Tougher Penalties Take Effect for Repeated Pennsylvania DUIs

Read this article to learn more about the enforcement of repeated DUIs in Pennsylvania.

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New Legislation Puts in Place First Felony DUI in PA

Read this article to learn more about DUI legislation in Pennsylvania.

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What’s the Punishment for Theft? Depends on What State You’re In

Stealing a neighbor’s $300 purse in Georgia is a misdemeanor that might get you a fine or a short stint in county jail. But if you take that same item next door in Florida, you’ve committed a felony: you could end up serving time in state prison and lose your right to vote.

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When the Cops Take Your Urine by Force

In the United States there is a wealth of case law pertaining to the Fourth Amendment, with the U.S. Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary fashioning jurisprudence on what constitutes an unreasonable search or seizure.

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