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Sex Offenses Attorney in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Experienced Sex Offenses Attorney in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Lady of justice with law books in the backgroundWilliam Denardo Attorney at Law Focuses on Criminal Cases Involving Sex Offenses

Sex offenses and internet crimes carry severe penalties in Pennsylvania. When your freedom and privacy are on the line, turn to William DeNardo Attorney at Law for representation. Rest assured that a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Plymouth Meeting, PA will be handling your case.

An Attorney Who is on Your Side

William DeNardo is uniquely qualified to represent defendants accused of sex offenses because...

  • He's a former prosecutor.

  • He has over 20 years of experience.

  • He's a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer.

Call now to discuss your charges with him.

William Denardo Is on Your Side

If you've been accused of child pornography, the prosecution is likely already building a case against you. William DeNardo has the knowledge and skills needed to...

  • Examine the evidence against you

  • Find weaknesses in the prosecution's case

  • Provide guidance when deciding to take your case to trial

Protect your rights by retaining a child pornography attorney in Plymouth Meeting, PA today.