Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile

William DeNardo: Trusted Legal Advocate with Years of Prosecutorial & Defense Experience

William DeNardo is considered one of the great legal minds of his generation in the Southeastern Pennsylvania legal community. As a lifelong resident of suburban Philadelphia, he began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Montgomery County. This experience on the prosecutorial side of cases provided William DeNardo with a formidable understanding of the intricacies of criminal trials and helped him to hone his advocacy work.

In 2001, William DeNardo established his own private practice. For over a decade now, he has combined his passion for justice and his high-level experience within the legal profession to help hundreds of clients achieve their personal objectives. Handling cases from the time of arrest through to sentencing as a prosecutor, William DeNardo has gained comprehensive knowledge on the legal process. And he now harnesses this prosecutorial experience within his work as a Pennsylvania-based criminal attorney, defending clients across Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester County. Within his work, he has developed long-standing relationships with police officers, detectives and lawyers working on both sides of the aisle. These working relationships are an invaluable resource in helping clients to resolve their cases successfully.

As a trusted PA-based defense attorney William DeNardo now expertly advises clients on their legal defense options. Depending on the particular circumstances of the case, he may attempt to have the charges dropped, negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution or argue the case before a jury. He also has experience in helping clients expunge their records through the ARD program.

It's a career record that speaks for itself. Join hundreds of clients across Pennsylvania in successfully defending yourself against felony charges by working directly with criminal attorney William DeNardo. Contact his offices today to book a consultation.

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