ARD-Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

Pennsylvania DUI lawyers are experienced with ARD. ARD is a program in Pennsylvania that allows for you to stay out of jail and earn an expungement of your criminal record. It is available for first time DUI offenders and can be facilitated if you have experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyers working for you. If you are admitted into the ARD program, you will avoid jail, lose your ability to drive for up to two months (as opposed to 12 to 18 months for a DUI conviction), pay fines and be under court supervised probation for up to one year. After probation is over, your Pennsylvania DUI lawyers can help you have the entire arrest and ARD probation erased (expunged) from your criminal record.

You must apply for admission into the ARD program and not all first time DUI offenders qualify. Pennsylvania DUI lawyers can help you determine if you do. For example, a DUI involving an accident to another motorist could make you ineligible for the ARD program. So could not having a valid license or insurance. If you live in southeastern Pennsylvania for instance, it is important to have a southeaster Pennsylvania defense attorney who has the experience to recognize these problems and the ability to negotiate for your acceptance into the ARD program.

Attorney Bill DeNardo has represented thousands of clients who have received and successfully completed the ARD program. Bill DeNardo works diligently to prepare his clients' applications, anticipate and identify any problems for his clients' admission and as an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer, he works with police and prosecutors to ensure that his clients will receive the attention and consideration for the program they deserve.

Contact Bill now, one of the most focused Pennsylvania DUI lawyers available, if you have been charged by the police with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Bill DeNardo will analyze your case, discuss the ARD program with you and advise you of your options moving forward.